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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alter - Ego

I am proud to say I now have an alter - ego more creative than "Super Asian Girl". Not to long ago, in advisery I think, Kai tried on my glass (Horn rimmed and rectanglular). We (well, basically me, and then people supported my claim) thought they made Kai look like Lars, the German Pornographer, espeacially when stroked his chin and said "Yeaasssss, yeasssss. Faaaaaster!". This soon became like an inside joke between Kai and I. But today we trying to figure out who I was. Abi responded with "The porn!". No.
Somehow, I think it was Kai's suggestion, we (meaning abi, kai and chirs.f) decided on Gretta, the Dominatrix.
I guess that says something about me. i'm not sure what.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Really, I have a scent?

The other day I was leaning on a post. You could call it a colum, but it wasn't cilindrcal, it had four sides. Anyway, I was leaning on one side, and Aaron on the other and he said to me "Anneli, you're devoid of your usall aroma."
I responded by asking if he was meaning that literally or metaphorically. He said "Literal."
I never thought of myself having a smell, something he said could be faintly smelt, from a 3 ft. radius around me. That made me very self consicous. It was my "musk" in a sense. He said it was still there but it could only be detected from close quarters.
My response was, "Maybe I'm just a bit cleaner today."

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

rachel's fantasy

My bestest (jweish) gal rachel has a fantasy about patrick barber and it goes like this:
Patrick is a pretty attractive college guy. He's going to school down in L.A., but is in town and spending his time getting credits at cabr-hab. When i say attractive, i mean in standard good looks. he's definatley not one of the guys i would swoon after, but he has good looks and boyish charm that's hard to resist. But thee one thing that is marring his looks is his hair. recentley he bleached it. butter. yeah, gross. I expected better. so one day rachel and I (well she was talking, I was thinking about Bosh) were discussing the matter and she professed that she fantasys about taking twezers and plucking out each hair individualy. yeah, she hates it that much. It might not sound like much but coming from rachel this is hardcore. wow, yeah. twezers. that reminds me that i saw the music video for weezers new single "beverley hills". it looked fun. nothing new. oh well, i'm off to chase sams rat tail and think about bosh (and cassidy).

Sunday, April 10, 2005

vive les petits seine

yes, i screened that on a shirt. I think it'll go good with rain jacket that now says (thanks to a grand stenciling job by me) "merde il pelut". Fortunatley they don't teach french at my school. along with that what can i say? well i'm going to have a awesome sauce wednesday. ah, here's something intrest (sorta). I've fallen in love with this guy. If i could remember any of the little html i learned i would link to his site. then you would know why i love him. It was love when i first cast my eyes on the laptop case he made. he has a (slight) obsession with 80's boom boxes. he collects them. and when he found one of the right size he made into a laptop case. yes my friend a laptop case. when you think it can't get any cooler (i mean, come on, you're walking around with a old school boombox on your shoulder) he wired it so you can plug in a computer/ipod or cd player into the speaker so you can strut down the street to your favorite toons. no you can see why im in love.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Ack Ack Attack!

Guess whata? yeah that's right. Spirit Week is coming up and guess who's going to be Super Asian (Girl)? With her Rice Balls Of Doom and Franticly Fast Pickelizing Omoboshi she's out to tell you that this really japan. The best part is my physics class is taking a field trip on Super Hero Day and our teacher is encouraging us to dress up. So I get to patrol the corriders of The Exploertorium in go-go botts and a cape. That's hot. But, not as hot as Todd. And to make thiings even better I have gained permission to have my love of my life Sam (who, hopefully come with me to my classes on Monday) meet us at The Exploratorium so he and I can frolic while holding hands and my cape trailing behind me.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

It makes my heart sing

I finally discovered what i want for my material gift for my rite of passage. since i've recentley graduated from the world of stenciling everything in site into the silkscreen eveything in site world. I've been screening at school cause mark has an unbelieveable amount of ink and all those other nesseacry chemicals (also a 180 watt lamp) and the acess to a "darkroom". well if i'm good and stop skipping class to (propane) torch toothbrushes, i might get my own little darkroom in the garage. That means, my mom would have to clean out the garage, worry about all the chemicals I have and will be inhaling, blacking out the rooms, getting all the equipment and all. I think if it happens i'm gonna paint the room black (duh) and add glow in the dark constallations for (some) light. My next indeavor is a "GAY PRO CODI" shirt. yes laugh. Hopefully the adminestrative offices won't get or else I most likely will get major demerites and/or suspended.
Oh yes. Sam is going to come with me to school on monday (hopefully). Ironically that happens to be spirit week and he'ill be their for "Hoe Down Day". That's going to be fun. espesailly since I go to a performing arts (but they like to call themselves a liberal arts) school and 99.9% of the student body are extroverts with the exception of the few like me who go for the art/coustume/academic part which is like 8 people. hah well i must get back to my toothbrush torching.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

you know yer indie let's. sub-categorize

like i needed a QUIZ to tell me this.
(i found it rachel, yes i found it)

You're an Indie Pop Kid. You like songs about
relationships and the prettiness of nature.
You're sentimental, but not certainly not emo.
Oh, and if you aren't an English Major, you
should be.

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.
brought to you by Quizilla

red handed slight of hand

i'm loving cursive right know. why? you may ask. because gretta cohn is a (greek) goddess and my hero. plus they fit my depressed but not mood that i have in general. I made a stencil. it has a fly on it with "xiu fly don't bother me.". I've yet to put it on a shirt/clothing article/public or private property, but have decorated one of my folders with. i've promised daniel (nanas) that i'd stencil it on a (non daniel smelling) shirt. but besides that, i'm happy besides the fact i went to the orthodontest today (i got there 15 minutes early so i sat in the car and ate fresh, warm french fries).
This kinda cute guy with red hair visted the school today wich was cool, yet a bit unsettling because he looked freakishly like my friend riley (hair and all) but not. Then i got to borrows mark's propane torch to melt my (ex) toothbrush into a new wavish/mod looking bracelet. To top it all off i talked to sam and since he has spring break next week (weird school) he most proally (if he can get a ride) make a pilgrimage down to good ol' Santa Cruz. I'm gonna drag him to classes with me and we'll point and laugh at people and say "amen".

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Blogging is so overated

Many things are overrastted like the killers for example. They were great untill they were overhyped by the press and sold out. Now they're the butt of many a indie kids latest joke. Todd is also overated because he's the skinnyest (and only) indie kid at school. They all praise his snarky, degrading manner and praise his individualistness when you could easily find 5 more just like him at your local record store. Wow i sound bitter. Not that todd's a bad guy, it's not his fault he's overated. To get to my point, blogging is overated because who is really going to read this? I mean I wouldn't even want to read this. I live a fairly boring life. I live in a California Beach town, Go to a performing arts school ont top of a mountain and obsess over beck. There are plenty of other people that have insanley interestting lives and it amazes me that they continue to religoudly write in their blog about their scenster endeavors while sit her and beguiling rant about double physics. Sometimes, when I read blogs, I feel guilty. Espeacially if it's someones really interesting life, like a new york sceanster going to all of MY shows while I sit with my ibook reading about how much fun they had and how lame I am. It's like eavesdropping on someones life. 'cept they know you're listening.