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Friday, April 08, 2005

Ack Ack Attack!

Guess whata? yeah that's right. Spirit Week is coming up and guess who's going to be Super Asian (Girl)? With her Rice Balls Of Doom and Franticly Fast Pickelizing Omoboshi she's out to tell you that this really japan. The best part is my physics class is taking a field trip on Super Hero Day and our teacher is encouraging us to dress up. So I get to patrol the corriders of The Exploertorium in go-go botts and a cape. That's hot. But, not as hot as Todd. And to make thiings even better I have gained permission to have my love of my life Sam (who, hopefully come with me to my classes on Monday) meet us at The Exploratorium so he and I can frolic while holding hands and my cape trailing behind me.


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