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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alter - Ego

I am proud to say I now have an alter - ego more creative than "Super Asian Girl". Not to long ago, in advisery I think, Kai tried on my glass (Horn rimmed and rectanglular). We (well, basically me, and then people supported my claim) thought they made Kai look like Lars, the German Pornographer, espeacially when stroked his chin and said "Yeaasssss, yeasssss. Faaaaaster!". This soon became like an inside joke between Kai and I. But today we trying to figure out who I was. Abi responded with "The porn!". No.
Somehow, I think it was Kai's suggestion, we (meaning abi, kai and chirs.f) decided on Gretta, the Dominatrix.
I guess that says something about me. i'm not sure what.


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