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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Blogging is so overated

Many things are overrastted like the killers for example. They were great untill they were overhyped by the press and sold out. Now they're the butt of many a indie kids latest joke. Todd is also overated because he's the skinnyest (and only) indie kid at school. They all praise his snarky, degrading manner and praise his individualistness when you could easily find 5 more just like him at your local record store. Wow i sound bitter. Not that todd's a bad guy, it's not his fault he's overated. To get to my point, blogging is overated because who is really going to read this? I mean I wouldn't even want to read this. I live a fairly boring life. I live in a California Beach town, Go to a performing arts school ont top of a mountain and obsess over beck. There are plenty of other people that have insanley interestting lives and it amazes me that they continue to religoudly write in their blog about their scenster endeavors while sit her and beguiling rant about double physics. Sometimes, when I read blogs, I feel guilty. Espeacially if it's someones really interesting life, like a new york sceanster going to all of MY shows while I sit with my ibook reading about how much fun they had and how lame I am. It's like eavesdropping on someones life. 'cept they know you're listening.


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