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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It makes my heart sing

I finally discovered what i want for my material gift for my rite of passage. since i've recentley graduated from the world of stenciling everything in site into the silkscreen eveything in site world. I've been screening at school cause mark has an unbelieveable amount of ink and all those other nesseacry chemicals (also a 180 watt lamp) and the acess to a "darkroom". well if i'm good and stop skipping class to (propane) torch toothbrushes, i might get my own little darkroom in the garage. That means, my mom would have to clean out the garage, worry about all the chemicals I have and will be inhaling, blacking out the rooms, getting all the equipment and all. I think if it happens i'm gonna paint the room black (duh) and add glow in the dark constallations for (some) light. My next indeavor is a "GAY PRO CODI" shirt. yes laugh. Hopefully the adminestrative offices won't get or else I most likely will get major demerites and/or suspended.
Oh yes. Sam is going to come with me to school on monday (hopefully). Ironically that happens to be spirit week and he'ill be their for "Hoe Down Day". That's going to be fun. espesailly since I go to a performing arts (but they like to call themselves a liberal arts) school and 99.9% of the student body are extroverts with the exception of the few like me who go for the art/coustume/academic part which is like 8 people. hah well i must get back to my toothbrush torching.


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