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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

rachel's fantasy

My bestest (jweish) gal rachel has a fantasy about patrick barber and it goes like this:
Patrick is a pretty attractive college guy. He's going to school down in L.A., but is in town and spending his time getting credits at cabr-hab. When i say attractive, i mean in standard good looks. he's definatley not one of the guys i would swoon after, but he has good looks and boyish charm that's hard to resist. But thee one thing that is marring his looks is his hair. recentley he bleached it. butter. yeah, gross. I expected better. so one day rachel and I (well she was talking, I was thinking about Bosh) were discussing the matter and she professed that she fantasys about taking twezers and plucking out each hair individualy. yeah, she hates it that much. It might not sound like much but coming from rachel this is hardcore. wow, yeah. twezers. that reminds me that i saw the music video for weezers new single "beverley hills". it looked fun. nothing new. oh well, i'm off to chase sams rat tail and think about bosh (and cassidy).


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