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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

red handed slight of hand

i'm loving cursive right know. why? you may ask. because gretta cohn is a (greek) goddess and my hero. plus they fit my depressed but not mood that i have in general. I made a stencil. it has a fly on it with "xiu fly don't bother me.". I've yet to put it on a shirt/clothing article/public or private property, but have decorated one of my folders with. i've promised daniel (nanas) that i'd stencil it on a (non daniel smelling) shirt. but besides that, i'm happy besides the fact i went to the orthodontest today (i got there 15 minutes early so i sat in the car and ate fresh, warm french fries).
This kinda cute guy with red hair visted the school today wich was cool, yet a bit unsettling because he looked freakishly like my friend riley (hair and all) but not. Then i got to borrows mark's propane torch to melt my (ex) toothbrush into a new wavish/mod looking bracelet. To top it all off i talked to sam and since he has spring break next week (weird school) he most proally (if he can get a ride) make a pilgrimage down to good ol' Santa Cruz. I'm gonna drag him to classes with me and we'll point and laugh at people and say "amen".


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