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Sunday, April 10, 2005

vive les petits seine

yes, i screened that on a shirt. I think it'll go good with rain jacket that now says (thanks to a grand stenciling job by me) "merde il pelut". Fortunatley they don't teach french at my school. along with that what can i say? well i'm going to have a awesome sauce wednesday. ah, here's something intrest (sorta). I've fallen in love with this guy. If i could remember any of the little html i learned i would link to his site. then you would know why i love him. It was love when i first cast my eyes on the laptop case he made. he has a (slight) obsession with 80's boom boxes. he collects them. and when he found one of the right size he made into a laptop case. yes my friend a laptop case. when you think it can't get any cooler (i mean, come on, you're walking around with a old school boombox on your shoulder) he wired it so you can plug in a computer/ipod or cd player into the speaker so you can strut down the street to your favorite toons. no you can see why im in love.


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