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Friday, May 06, 2005

I have a rug burn on my knees and toes

Wow. I just had a hardcore workout.
Today my group had to present our dance for dance class. It's mee, Camille, Kai and Neil. After a lot of failed attempts we discarded an '80s wworkout theme and decided to just improv. In our group, Neil is a complete slacker, Kai dances in a very Jake Shears sort of way, Camille is a bit more serious, but still fuun. The way I dance is hard to describe, but basically I don;t mind looking like an idiot. I've become infamous in my class for my "Onion Dance". Yeah. So we spent an entire class going through my music library on my laptop untill we found the perfect song. "Flowers on the Walls" by the Statler Brothers from the Pulp fiction Soundtrack. It's a classic folk song. Our dance was basically the four of us flayling around in a hippieish sstyle for 3 minutes. We also went for a underlying retarded/mental theme.
It went really well. I spent 30 min. flayling and I'm beat.


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