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Sunday, May 01, 2005

They Call Me Jesus

Luke had to be an idot and get poison oak. hah, how ironic, i’m listening to poison oak - by bright eyes. anyway, luke is allergic, so he had to be hospitalised, which resulted with me taking the bus to school, cause luke and I commute together in that wonderful prius of his (mothers). I took my lovely ibook with me for company. While traveling through a dark passage en route to pur lovely new campus, people started to stare at me.
ananda: Anneli!
me: huh?
ananda: You look like Jesus
Kelly: She’s the AZN jesus!
apparently my laptop was bestoing a hevanly glow upon my godlike features, rendering me a apparation of Christ.
I never thought of myself as very angelic. Now people call me Jesus.


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